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Our latest reviews and "Best of's" help you determine your location for your next outing. Every karaoke bar is unique, whether it's the crowd, song selection or booze prices. Pick a spot and enjoy!

Best Stage Award

Monkey Pants Bar and Grill – BEST STAGE!

Monkey Pants Bar and Grill is one of our favorite places to sing karaoke. The rotation is large, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Rambunctious crowd. Rambunctious hosts. Rambunctious stage. If Karaoke Arizona gave out awards, this bar would win for Best Stage. It looks like a living room straight out of That 70’s show, decorated by Kelso himself.

Checkout their website and follow them on Facebook (they post some fun stuff).

Cleanest Bathroom Award

Iron Works – Cleanest Bathroom Award
Cleanest Bathroom Award? Iron works is nested in the clubhouse of a country club. Other than a public bathroom we’d happily use, there is nothing that stands out here. Which is not a bad thing. Moderate rotation.

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